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  • 2012 Hair Show F
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


 BUMBLE & BUMBLE - We aim to - Be amazing hairdressers (in our salons, on set and backstage) - Elevate our craft (technically, creatively and commercially) - Create editorial-quality products (as essential as scissors and comb) - Revere authenticity and creativity (in all forms) - Build deep relationships (with clients, professionals, and each other) - Offer transformational education (there is always more to learn) - Honor hair heroes (past, present and future) - Love what we do (otherwise, why bother?)

 Our Store

Bumble and bumble began as an NYC salon where we clipped, colored and styled our way into prominence with a legendary editorial team, a strong design ethic, a Network of like-minded salons and extraordinary products (coveted by hairdressers, actors, models, and beauty junkies worldwide); to this day cultivating creativity whilst remaining deeply and passionately dedicated to the craft hairdressing.


Our Goal was to develop tools that hairdressers could use editorially to be mixed and layered to produce a broad range of effects (which today is virtually Limitless)

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Creme de Coco Conditioner   Spray de Mode
Creme de Coco Masque   Brilliantine
Thickening Serum   Deeep Masque
Quenching Shampoo   Blondish Hair Powder
Quenching Conditioner   Leave In Conditioner
Sunday Shampoo   Tonic Shampoo
Defrizz   Thickening Conditioner
Super Rich Conditioner   Curl Conscious Calming Creme
Extra Strength Holding Spray   Curl Conscious Nourishing Masque
Tonic Lotion   Does It All Styling Spray
Grooming Creme   Curl Conscious Holding Foam
Creme de Coco Conditioner   Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist
Creme de Coco Shampoo   Curl Conscious Defining Creme
Seaweed Shampoo   Gellac
Seaweed Conditioner   Gel
Styling Creme   Styling Lotion
Mending Complex   White Hair Powder
Quenching Masque   Surf Spray
Prep   Mending Masque
Mending Conditioner   Curl Conscious Smoothing Shampoo
Mending Shampoo   Straight To Go
Thickening Shampoo   Gentle Shampoo
Gentle Shampoo   Thickening Hairspray
Brown Hair Powder   Sumowax
Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing   Sumotech
Creme   Surf Spray
Classic Hairspray   Tonic Lotion
Curl Conscious Smoothing    
Black Hair Powder    



Iowa City:  (319)338-1664

Des Moines: (515)724-2719



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